Registered Professionals

Certified Quality Managers

  • Amelia Brown-Smith
  • Ben Dy Uy
  • Chan Yuk Kau
  • Cheung Kam Chi
  • Chu Wai Sing
  • David Swinyard
  • Daya Singh
  • Debra Langton
  • Deirdre Kokich
  • Denise Kay
  • Dzung Nguyen
  • Francis Kua Yee Hong
  • Frank Spiegel
  • Frankie Lam Kin Sun
  • Freeman Chan Kin Hong
  • Gabriel Hendriksz
  • Gary Williams
  • Gavin Chau Ka Yin
  • Glenda Ray
  • Hung Chi Hoi
  • Juerg Amacher
  • Lam Fuk Ming
  • Levente Kadas
  • Lisa Cambridge
  • Lynton Edgecombe
  • Malcolm Perry
  • Mark Chan Man Wong
  • Mark Nihoniho
  • Matthew Hopson
  • Michael Voss
  • Noelene Quedley
  • Paul Allott
  • Perry Ip Yun Kit
  • Robin Corner
  • Ross Davies
  • Victor Leung Wai Keung
  • Wai Kau Alphaeus Tam

Certified Quality Practitioners

  • Adele Caspers
  • Alex Bird
  • Anna Petricevich
  • Caroline Slack
  • Erin Beatson
  • Florence Trout
  • Gabriella Solti
  • Gyanendra Prasad
  • Jeffrey Cumings
  • John Skene
  • Jonathan Radcliffe
  • Kevin Twohig
  • Marina Roman
  • Nathan Cottom
  • Preetika Prasad
  • Rajneel Prakash
  • Roger Gedye
  • Rosslynn Murrell
  • Shalendra Naidu
  • Sharla Taueki
  • Susan Sinclair
  • Valerie Symes
  • Virginia Morey
  • Yuriy Soshnikov

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