NZOQ presents

12 Days to Deming

NZOQ is delighted to introduce and offer you the active-learning course 12 Days to Deming. This material is ideal for both interested newcomers and for those who already have some background knowledge of what Dr. Deming taught and are keen to learn more. This free download has been developed and generously provided by Dr. Henry Neave.
Dr. W. Edwards Deming (1900–1993) revolutionised the meaning of quality and business improvement. He is renowned for his work in Japan in the 1950s and in the West from the early 1980s. His work was ahead of his time and his principles are at least as valid for today’s business world as they were during his lifetime.

Dr. Henry Neave created 12 Days to Deming to take you on a journey to deeply understand what Dr. Deming taught and to thus achieve a paradigm shift in thinking, enabling you to understand how genuine organisational improvement can be achieved.

Henry was the W. Edwards Deming Professor of Leadership and Management in the Business School of Nottingham Trent University in the UK. In 2001 he received the American Society for Quality’s Deming Medal, he is an Honorary Fellow of the UK’s Chartered Quality Institute, and is the author of The Deming Dimension. He had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Deming at many of his four-day seminars as well as conducting many of his own in various parts of the world. Henry is a natural educator and his talent is apparent in this course.

Learning outcomes

Who should study 12 Days to Deming?
  • Newcomers and all who want to learn more about Dr. Deming’s philosophy and guidance
  • Anyone who wants to improve—whether it be an organisation or themselves
  • All those who have attempted improvement activities but not got the results expected
What are the learning outcomes?
  • An understanding of Dr. Deming’s guidance and how to apply it to your organisation to achieve improvement for customers, suppliers, and employees
  • A paradigm shift in thinking that enables improvement and a more robust and resilient organisation driven by a win-win mindset
  • A deep understanding of how to achieve organisational excellence
  • A plan to transform your organisation and yourself

Comments from course participants

This course builds knowledge and understanding, enabling the participant to make real change and to achieve improved outcomes.
Dr. Jackie Graham
The practical activities help you to apply the learning to your own life and your organisation.
Mitch Beedie
United Kingdom
This was a fantastic course. I couldn’t believe how well the whole thing was presented, and it made learning relatively easy. There are plenty of hands-on activities, and some surprising outcomes which challenged some things I thought I understood. The course challenges us to really think, rather than skimming through material and ticking a box, and the reward is a real appreciation of the content, an understanding of Deming’s teachings, and an insight into putting them into practice.
Richard Hamilton
I have found that 12 Days to Deming has provided me with not only an effective but also an efficient route to deeper understanding and useful knowledge about Dr. Deming’s theories. It accelerates such understanding because it is derived from the direct experience of Professor Henry Neave who can be justifiably termed a Subject-Matter Expert. My work is focused on getting safer work through introducing people to the concept of better work. This is achievable through understanding better the effectiveness of taking an approach to management that is informed by the wisdom of Dr. Deming. 12 Days facilitates this superbly.
Charles Tortise
New Zealand

Interested in 12 Days to Deming?

A quick look
Henry strongly recommends that you take a quick look at this 8-page introductory Welcome Booklet. This not only introduces the course itself, it also briefly summarises Dr. Deming’s life and work—especially useful for the newcomer.
Welcome Booklet
The Welcome Booklet is suitable for downloading and, if you wish, printing (ideally back-to-back).
 Download PDF
The course material
There is a separate PDF file for each part of the course provided in the ‘Course content’ section below. You could view and download these individually at your leisure, or alternatively you could download a ZIP archive which contains all of the course material.
Please Start Here
It is important to start (appropriately enough!) with the file “Please Start Here” as this contains a lot of information and guidance about how to approach and study the course material.
 Download PDF
One further item
12 Days New Decade Update
Sooner or later you might like to take a break from the course material and read Henry’s 12 Days New Decade Update. This was originally distributed on 3 January 2020 to the many people who had been following, and often helping with, the development of 12 Days to Deming over the several years before the course was officially launched.
 Download PDF

Course content

Part   Download
Part A Please Start Here  Download PDF
Part B1 Workbook for Days 1 to 3  Download PDF
Part B2 Workbook for Days 4 to 6  Download PDF
Part B3 Workbook for Days 7 to 9  Download PDF
Part B4 Workbook for Days 10 to 12 and Optional Extras  Download PDF
Part C Front cover sheets for binders  Download PDF
Part D Day 1: The Overture and the Deming Story  Download PDF
Part E Day 2: The Experiment on Red Beads  Download PDF
Part F Day 3: Understanding Variation & the Funnel Experiment  Download PDF
Part G Day 4: The Joiner Triangle and the 14 Points (Part 1)  Download PDF
Part H Day 5: The Joiner Triangle, the 14 Points (Part 2), and the Deadly Diseases  Download PDF
Part I Day 6: Gallery Furniture and Other True Stories  Download PDF
Part J Day 7: The Obstacles: Targets, Appraisals, Quotas, etc.  Download PDF
Part K Day 8: A New Climate  Download PDF
Part L Day 9: A System of… Profound Knowledge  Download PDF
Part M Day 10: A System of Profound Knowledge (Parts A and B)  Download PDF
Part N Day 11: A System of Profound Knowledge (Parts C and D)  Download PDF
Part O Day 12: Bringing It All Together—and Making It Happen  Download PDF
Part P Appendix  Download PDF
Part Q Contributions from Balaji Reddie  Download PDF
Part R References and Sources  Download PDF
Part S Optional Extras  Download PDF
All Parts Combined ZIP archive containing all of the course content  Download ZIP