Attention CQA, IA & MSA graduates!!

NZOQ and IMAT are delighted to announce exciting new IMAT Exemplar Global certification opportunities for CQA, IA or MSA graduates.

Are you a recent CQA graduate?

For information about these exciting new certification opportunities please contact Tess Stewart at NZOQ National Office, Tel 06 531 4007 or

Have you graduated with the CQA within the last ten years? If yes, then did you know that you can apply for the IMAT Exemplar Global-approved QM Certificate?

Recent CQA graduates who can provide their assignments and projects from the CQA course for review, as part of Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and—especially—Recognition of Current Competence (RCC) techniques, may be eligible for the coveted IMAT Exemplar Global-approved QM Certificate.

Because the CQA is an internationally respected course, NZOQ and IMAT have entered into a joint venture to help CQA graduates gain the coveted IMAT Exemplar Global-approved QM Certificate. The review of your CQA assignments and projects will help identify which additional competency tests you will need to carry out to gain the QM certificate.

There is a bonus: the QM certificate counts towards the current MSA course in Auditing, which contains three modules—Quality Management (QM), Auditing (AU) and Team Leading (TL).

So hunt out your CQA assignments and projects today!

Have you recently completed the NZOQ Internal Audit Course?

If you have completed NZOQ’s internal audit course within the past ten years and can provide evidence of this course for review in order to establish which additional Competency tests you will require, then successful applicants will receive the coveted IMAT Exemplar Global-approved AU Certificate.

There is a bonus: the AU certificate counts towards the MSA Course. So hunt out your IA course work today!

Have you passed competency tests for QM and AU?

If you have passed the competency tests based on your CQA and IA course work, then after attending an intensive two days of Case Studies and group exercises you will receive the coveted IMAT Exemplar Global-approved TL Certificate (TLFF2012).

The two-day course involves: competency in Audit Planning; follow up with clients, Certification bodies and Regulatory agencies; integrated management systems; and writing a concluding report.

Note: We would normally replace the three Certificates with one integrated certificate or Lead Audit Qualification (formerly known as the QSA programme).

Have you recently completed the IMAT/NZOQ Management Systems Auditing course?

If you have completed IMAT/NZOQ MSA course within the past ten years (2001 to 2009) then we may be able to convert your examination-based MSA to competency-base, using recognition of prior learning and recognition of current competency.

The International and Business Assessment Best Practice is the preferred name for Auditing and so to gain this new qualification you will need to complete some assignment work and professional interviews (via Skype) in order to update to a new qualification of Quality, Audit and Team Leader (QM, AU and TL) under Exemplar Global approval.

The earlier your course took place may involve a little extra work required in terms of reading and demonstrating competence; an Audit Log would also be valuable.

New: Management Systems Auditing Course (blended learning)

If you are unable to attend the five-day programme, and have not completed the MSA or IA courses, then we can provide you with notes, exercises, assignments of competence and arrange for counselling sessions with your training facilitator (via Skype).

You will be required to make steady progress on your work and your assignments will be marked; and areas where you require additional review before competency is granted will be discussed with you.

The costs for the blended learning for the AUD2012 and QMD2012 certificates are available on request. Once the AU and QM certificates have been achieved, the candidate will be required to attend a two-day, face-to-face course (TLFF2012). Costs for this course are available on request.

If successful you will receive the prestigious IMAT Exemplar Global-approved Lead Audit Certificate.

Further certification options

Once you have completed either the five-day face-to-face course or achieved the equivalence through RPL/RCC and have attended the two-day mandatory attendance for the Team Leader certificate and been granted the Exemplar Global IMAT NZ Ltd approved AU, QM and TL certificates, you will be eligible to attend further two-day programmes. These face-to-face programmes include: Occupational Safety (OHFF 2012), Environment (EMFF 2012), and Food Safety to ISO 22000 (FSFF2012). Each of these has a distance learning prerequisite competency assignment included in the cost and will be available in the mid half of 2012.

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